Quicken® Food Service & Industrial Diamond Coat


Our Diamond Coating increases Hobart Slicer cutting speed 0ver 200%, significantly reducing the strain that causes "Repetitive Motion Injuries". US manufactured 3 feed knitting machine is running cooler at 2000 speed factor for 8 months, 24/7 without service.


Quicken® Food Grade & Industrial Coatings
200% or higher slicer productivity increase and virtually eliminate Repetitive Motion Injuries. Our coating works to "reduce friction & wear" on ANY & ALL friction surfaces.
Increase Profit & Productivity
"There's No Stickin' with Quicken®"
Chicagoland - Call for a demonstration.


Self service or under contract our technology increases Safety, Profits & Productivity.

Safety before profit, however our service ensures both.
Under our maintenance contract, you will not need to lubricate the treated equipment.

Coating COF .0008 - tested in Tokyo

Superior lubrication from sub zero through 2000F.

Same Diamond Coating approved by US Department of Defense.

Inert Diamond coating suspended in FDA Approved Food Grade carrier oil.

  • Increase  Profits
  • Increases Plant Safety
  • Long Lasting Performance
  • Provides Superior Lubrication
  • 6  Months Standard Service interval
  • Even Badly Galled Surfaces Get Slippery
  • Keeps Equipment Working in Coldest Temps
  • You do not waste time lubricating, our coating does it 

Our Diamond Coatings excel in extreme low temperatures under extreme High Pressures. Use of our contract maintenance service treats friction surfaces, makes them perform better and last longer. With us, machine failure becomes a distant memory. Our service is limited only to your desire of which equipment you need to keep running. Linear and roller bearings, gear boxes, hydraulics, gas propane and diesel engines, transmissions, belting, or anything with friction surfaces. We can even increase freezer efficiency by insitu ac pump treatment.

The bottom line:
Increase safety, profits & productivity while decreasing electrical draw, downtime, service fees and repair expenses.

Call Chris Arnold\ at 630-706-1250 for a demonstration of this breakthrough technology.

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